Recreating Poly-Looks!


This is a look that I recreated from a polypore look I styled. I obviously could not afford to buy the exact pieces but I recreated it using pieces I already had in my closet. This is a look you can recreated in so many ways. So this is what I went for:

I chose this awesome sheer marble print button up with a grey oversized blazer and these fun black jogger style slacks with leather detailing. To finish off the look I paired these awesome white oxfords, which are so comfy and stylish with a simple white and silver bracelet.

This was such a fun look to put together and so comfy. It is definitely a look you can rock all day in different occasions. (I so wish I would’ve gotten better pictures of the outfits but unfortunately this is all I took). I will definitely try harder next time. Oops.




For the love of Shoes!



Lets talk about shoes, they are the key to every outfit. This year there are many awesome trends that I absolutely love. I have been on the hunt to find affordable yet stylish shoes that are in trend. I always say, why spend hundreds or thousands on a pair of shoes that will soon go out of style when you can buy a pair of each style at a more reasonable price. Platform shoes are very fun or as we call them today, chunky heels or sandals. They are such a 70’s vibe, I love it! Mules are a style that I remember wearing as a child, in many different styles. They were probably the easiest and most used pair because you can just slip them on. Another look that is popular among these styles are the straps. Single or double straps, its all about the straps! Now, lets take a look at a style that we have literally been seeing everywhere and that is fringe. This does not only apply to our clothes or accessories but also our shoes. I love the flare that fringe adds because it goes with almost every style. Another amazing trend that we have been seeing around is the lace up look. It is on flats, sandals, heels, and even booties. I remember my mom wearing strappy heels all the time and I loved the way they looked on her. I remember telling myself that I would one day own a pair just like her.  Now years later, I am doing just as she did, rocking lace ups shoes. Let me just say, shoes are my guilty pleasure and I could go on and on talking about them but lets end with a oldie and new favorite of mine and that would be oxfords and sneakers. They are so comfy to wear, great on your feet but cute to dress down an outfit or simplify it. I guess, that is all for now.



Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 8.36.55 PM

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 8.37.14 PM

Head over to my instagram @stylebymaribel and let me know your favorite trends for this year. I hope you enjoyed the few shoes trends that I am currently loving, can’t wait to know what yours are!

Xx, Maribel

My Dailies!


This week, I figured i would share a few of my daily essentials. In the past few months these are some of the items that i have constantly been wearing and loving! As you can see there is a slight pattern going on here, yes, the rose gold. Lately, this is the color that i most gravitate towards, i love it! Its such a warm and calming tone.


So what are my essentials? Definitely stud earrings and these specfic pair i picked up from fossil a few weeks back and i love how they go with just about everything. I am very sensitive when it comes to earrings so i love that i can wear these with no problem. Next is this necklace, my sister actually bought this for me about two christmas’s ago and i have definitely gotten a lot of use out of it, i wear ALL the time with everything! It is so dainty, cute and has my initial! Watches were never something that i was into but lately i have been really liking the idea of them. Its so easy to just look at my wrist without having to pull my phone out. For school and work, i’d say I’ve become a big fan!!! This simple bracelet was a gift from my mom and let me just say that it was love at first sight. Its very simple, bendable and a chic bracelet that i honestly wear almost everyday. No judgement! You can find it at fossil, just saying… The last two items are these sunnies and lipstick. I always have a pair of sunglasses handy and these have been a go too pair, cute and trendy. I don’t wear lipstick every sing day but for the most part, when i don’t, i always have a lip balm at reach.

I hope you enjoyed a few of my daily essentials, i try to keep it basic when it comes to choosing my accessories for an everyday basis and these few have definitely been my favorites lately and my go to picks!

What are your daily essentials?

Xx, Maribel



Winter transition to Spring…

First things first, i honestly can not believe that March is over, time literally flew right past me. This is one of my favorite months for one simple reason, because i am able to do some final winter looks before transitioning into spring, which is my second favorite season.  The transition is what makes it fun when you are styling your outfit because you can incorporate both winter and spring pieces. This month i found myself gravitating towards certain pieces including, shoes, clothing, accessories, and other things beauties. I thought i would share my favorites for this month!

Lets start off with Shoes, my true weakness! I live in NM and let me just say the weather is unpredictable…one day its sunny and 80 degrees then the next day its 50 degrees, windy and cold! So, its hard to plan out exactly what you are going to wear. Its easy for me to grab a pair of heels break them in and never want to take them off. However, i do change it up depending on the outfit and the style that will best fit with what i am wearing. These are a pair of shoes i got almost two years ago and i still LOVE them. What i like about them is the mesh outlining the shoes, the black says winter but the style says bring it on Spring. This was definitely my go to pair of heels and a fave for this month! The next pair of shoes is a guilty pleasure i have which is wearing sneakers. First off they are much more comfortable and better on your feet but you can also dress them up or down. It all depends on your mood. These are a pair that i have been loving, they are so lightweight and have such a cute pattern.



Next on the list is clothing, the hardest but funnest part of fashion because the combinations are endless. I am lucky enough to work in a environment where i can experiment with fashion and wear almost anything i want to wear…well, i am a wardrobe stylist so i guess you can say it is apart of my job! It definitely makes it easy when getting dressed in the morning if i may add. I could go on and talk about a ton of different items of clothing but i thought i would limited it to one piece.  The piece that i chose was definitely a faux fur vest because this is something that i was constantly wearing!  I definitely got a lot of use out of all my fur vest, this one in particular because i was loving the dark green color. They are so much fun to dress up, you can wear them with almost everything if you really want too!

green .jpg

I noticed that i have been very minimal with my accessories lately. For this month, i noticed that all i wore was a watch and a simple bracelet. Nothing to fancy but definitely my favorite!
Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 5.40.15 PMfossil-flex-open-cuff-rose-gold-fossil-jewelry

My last favorites for the month would definitely have to be dark lips. This is always a staple during fall and winter. Although nude colors are my go too, when I want to add color I gravitate towards reds, browns, and purples. I find that these colors look best on me and they are perfect for the season. I am not a huge fan of glossy lips during the fall and winter  on me personally, i prefer to go for a matte lip. Maybelline is one of my favorite brands for inexpensive matte lipsticks and the color that i reached for the most was Divine Wine, which was a dark red wine color. So pretty! My last Make-up product is setting spray, there is not a day when i do my makeup that i don’t use a setting spray. What i have been loving is the nyx matte finish setting spray! First off, its very inexpensive and second its amazing.



Xx, Maribel

My Fashion Introduction!

Style is a part of everyday life in everything we do, it’s all around us! My name is Maribel and as long as I can remember fashion has been a big part of my heart and dreams. My love for fashion and styling began with my Barbie dolls. My favorite thing was to dress them up and experiment with different colors, patterns, and textures.

Fashion was not a big focus growing up in a small town farming community where all we wore were jeans and boots. So, I started buying magazines and looking on the internet and made fashion a focus because I was very passionate about it.

Dressing up outside of the norm was never okay but a free pass to get picked on because I was trying to ‘color block.’ No one ever understood this term; it was more like ‘you’re not matching’. This was a challenge growing up because no one really understood fashion, it was more of a logo t-shirt and jeans. My parents were a big influence in my fashion dreams. They always pushed me to dream as high as I could. One day I asked my mom if I could subscribe to magazines, little did she know I was going to subscribe to all the fashion magazines I could get my hands on.

I found that I could get lost in magazines and spend all my free time analyzing and thinking how I could make it my own. One day I grabbed and old binder, computer paper, scissors, and some glue and started cutting and recreating my own outfits. Before I knew it I had multiple binders filled with different styles and ideas. This gave me so much inspiration that I knew I wanted to be surrounded by fashion and working in the field when I graduated high school. Stylist was going to be my definition and recreating my styling binder was going to become a reality.


Now, fashion is not only a passion but my life. I am now a personal and lead stylist to a modeling agency. I have the honor of styling babies from four months old to adults over the age of 60 years. My styling range from a portfolio shoot to full fashion shows. I can safely say that this is always the best part of my day because I am doing what I love and once dreamed about.

When it comes to styling, I like to make bold decisions on the pieces I choose and take risks on the accessories because they are always a statement to any outfit. I would rather be overdressed than underdressed. It is always better to regret the things that you wear rather than regretting the things that you don’t wear. Taking chances is the best part about fashion and failing is what makes it a trend, you don’t fail in fashion you just make it your own. The best part about styling is that you can do it anywhere and it doesn’t need to be a big city like New York. I can achieve and recreate my own looks in a town where fashion isn’t a focus just like the little town I grew up in.

Xx, Maribel