Fashion Guide: Winter to Spring


Every Tuesday, I will be Posting a little dose of Fashion on Bazaar Models Instagram Story. This is the first dose of fashion, talking about winter staples and how to style them for spring. I styled 2 outfits, a dressy look and a casual look. Check out the Instagram Post below.


The first look, I started with two winter staples, a leather jacket and booties. Those are two of my favorite things to wear in the winter, a leather jacket is the perfect pieces to add to any outfits and complete a look. I started this look with a leather jacket that can be draped over a spring dress. I finished out the outfit with another winter staple, the bootie and to accessorize, I added a bag and sunglasses. I think this look is cute, edgy and perfect for those crazy weather days in the winter, spring transition.


The second look is so simple yet so cute and comfortable. This is definitely a look that you can wear all year long. All you have to do is substitute out colors and styles to fit any season.


In this winter, spring transition. I started with denim, instead of choose blue denim, I opted for white denim. I then chose a light sweater and added a blazer. To complete the look of the two. You simply open the blazer and half tuck the sweater into the jeans for a relaxed slouchy look. To finish the look, I added some cute sneakers to keep the outfit casual and put together.


See ya next time!

xx, Maribel

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