Make a Statement!


Wow, it feels like ages since i’ve done a post. Life sure gets in the way! There is so much I want to talk about but I will save that for another day, another post. It will be an exciting one. A little spoiler, I got engaged over the summer! The summer? I know, its April and I am just writing about it now. It has been a fun and exciting journey planning a wedding but it feels like a full time job, aside from working a full time job you can imagine its been a busy couple of months. Well, enough of that for this post. Lets get on with the outfit.


I love everything about this outfits and one of the top reasons is that it was SO COMFORTABLE. I wore this outfit on a casual Friday on a day I knew I was going to be on my feet and very busy all day. It finally spring but in New Mexico that doesn’t mean anything. The weather has been so crazy, one day nice and hot, the next day nice and windy. You just never know in the south what you are gonna get.


I first began styling this outfit around the shoes, I feel like thats been my go-to lately. I chose this comfy chunky oxfords. They are silver with hints of gold which I love!!! Anything that is mixed metals I live for. I then decided to go for these leopard print pants that are not only cute but extremely flattering and comfortable. I went with a simple black bodysuit to balance the pants and shoes.

To accessorize the outfit, I wanted to keep it very simple but cute. I kept my everyday pieces on like my “M” necklace, my James Avery charm bracelet, and my apple watch. The flare up the look, I added silver tassel earrings to complement the shoes.

I loved this look so much and I got so many compliments on it which is always a plus.


This day was so windy and a bit chilly so I decided to add a Denim jacket and to spice up the jacket, I added a cute lip brooch. It all came together so perfect and I loved it so I had to share. Until next time!

Xx, Maribel

Outfit Details 

Top: H&M

Bottoms: Forever 21

Jacket: Hollister

Shoes: Zara


  • earrings: On and Off Showroom
  • necklace: Fossil
  • bracelet: James Avery
  • watch: Apple Watch



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