Coats & Cold Weather

The New Mexico weather is so up and down, those often call it bipolar.  The middle of January, one day its 30 degrees out and the next it’s nearly 80 degrees. This only means that planning an outfit becomes a little more difficult than it should be. It’s more of a wake up, run outside and get dressed accordingly.


In this outfit, I didn’t quite have a direction in which I was going but I knew I wanted to be warm…sorta! I threw on these comfy stretchy camo skinny jeans and paired this awesome mustard yellow sweater that had a slightly exposed back. The “sorta” part of the warm outfit I was going for. One thing I did know was that I wanted to throw on a coat. I chose this tan one in particular, solely to balance the color palette and because it was extremely warm and had a hood! Lastly, I put some nude pointed toe heals on and a colorful pair of earrings on a called it day.


A comfy, warm, yet simple outfit on a unexpected cold and windy day in NM!



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