Recreating Poly-Looks!


This is a look that I recreated from a polypore look I styled. I obviously could not afford to buy the exact pieces but I recreated it using pieces I already had in my closet. This is a look you can recreated in so many ways. So this is what I went for:

I chose this awesome sheer marble print button up with a grey oversized blazer and these fun black jogger style slacks with leather detailing. To finish off the look I paired these awesome white oxfords, which are so comfy and stylish with a simple white and silver bracelet.

This was such a fun look to put together and so comfy. It is definitely a look you can rock all day in different occasions. (I so wish I would’ve gotten better pictures of the outfits but unfortunately this is all I took). I will definitely try harder next time. Oops.




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