Spring Sixteen.

Spring is finally here which means new trends! I have been keeping tabs and researching and according to pantone their spring 2016 colors are rose quarts and serenity along with 8 other colors. The colors are Peach Echo (a peachy pink), Snorkel Blue (navy), Buttercup (a couple shades darker yellow), Limpet shell (baby blue), Lilac gray (light gray), Fiesta (a soft red), Iced Coffee (a dark tan), and lastly Green Flash (a light bright green). I would say that this is a great palette selection for the spring, very soft and warm colors. Now, lets move on with the trends and signature clothing pieces we need to add to our wardrobe this spring! Lets begin with the few inspirations that we have all been seeing on the runway such as, 70’s, 90’s, androgyny, street style, nature, and romanticism. These inspirations bring many different styles and looks.

The 70’s style has been a huge trend this spring. We have been seeing bell-bottom pants, wide leg pants (long and cropped at the calf) bell sleeves, bomber jackets and the most trending style is the cut out shoulders and off the shoulder tops. Most importantly lets not forget fringe, which is a staple for this season once again. Another trendy piece is the high waisted A line skirt with metal buttons and of course suede, anything and everything suede! Not only will we be rocking the 70’s inspired clothing but also trends from the 90’s. This era is making a comeback! Shall we start with Denim? Yes! Denim has been around for a while now but now it’s here to stay, just like leather. This is definitely a style that I have loved. Denim on denim is perfect if worn with the right tones. Other looks that are coming out with a bang are low slung pants, stripes (all sizes and colors), and crop tops.

Now Androgyny, this is a trend that slowly has been making its way in. It’s a new style that I love for spring but a style that will definitely transition into the next few seasons. A masculine and feminine combined look and defining what it is to be a female or male according to pantone. Boyfriend/girlfriend jeans, boxy shapes like straight blazers, tops, jackets, and dresses. A relaxed and comfortable style! This leads us into street style, a style that has totally taken over. It is influenced by celebrities, combining comfort and fashion. I am definitely guilty of this trend and have been for a while now. Fashionable outfits with the comfort on our feet, can’t get any better than that!

The next trends that made their way in this spring are nature and romanticism influenced looks. So, for nature you have florals which have been around for a few seasons now but for spring they are taking a more bold and abstract look. Paper bag waist pants are super chic and very form fitting to the body because they accentuate your waist and hips. The next few looks are mircopleats and of course the crop pants with frayed ends, very bohemian and mod. The romanticism trend can include a Victorian or prairie style. Delicate silhouettes such as sheer, lace, and ruffles.  They are very in this spring and all over our clothing especially on the bodice of a garment and the neckline.

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Take a deep breath because that’s all she wrote for the 2016 spring trends. Take into consideration that there are many other awesome trends but these were a few of the trends that I have constantly been seeing and as well some of my favorites. I have put a few looks together to give a visual of how to wear some of these trends.

What colors and trends will you be rocking this spring?

Xx, Maribel


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