My Dailies!


This week, I figured i would share a few of my daily essentials. In the past few months these are some of the items that i have constantly been wearing and loving! As you can see there is a slight pattern going on here, yes, the rose gold. Lately, this is the color that i most gravitate towards, i love it! Its such a warm and calming tone.


So what are my essentials? Definitely stud earrings and these specfic pair i picked up from fossil a few weeks back and i love how they go with just about everything. I am very sensitive when it comes to earrings so i love that i can wear these with no problem. Next is this necklace, my sister actually bought this for me about two christmas’s ago and i have definitely gotten a lot of use out of it, i wear ALL the time with everything! It is so dainty, cute and has my initial! Watches were never something that i was into but lately i have been really liking the idea of them. Its so easy to just look at my wrist without having to pull my phone out. For school and work, i’d say I’ve become a big fan!!! This simple bracelet was a gift from my mom and let me just say that it was love at first sight. Its very simple, bendable and a chic bracelet that i honestly wear almost everyday. No judgement! You can find it at fossil, just saying… The last two items are these sunnies and lipstick. I always have a pair of sunglasses handy and these have been a go too pair, cute and trendy. I don’t wear lipstick every sing day but for the most part, when i don’t, i always have a lip balm at reach.

I hope you enjoyed a few of my daily essentials, i try to keep it basic when it comes to choosing my accessories for an everyday basis and these few have definitely been my favorites lately and my go to picks!

What are your daily essentials?

Xx, Maribel


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