Winter transition to Spring…

First things first, i honestly can not believe that March is over, time literally flew right past me. This is one of my favorite months for one simple reason, because i am able to do some final winter looks before transitioning into spring, which is my second favorite season.  The transition is what makes it fun when you are styling your outfit because you can incorporate both winter and spring pieces. This month i found myself gravitating towards certain pieces including, shoes, clothing, accessories, and other things beauties. I thought i would share my favorites for this month!

Lets start off with Shoes, my true weakness! I live in NM and let me just say the weather is unpredictable…one day its sunny and 80 degrees then the next day its 50 degrees, windy and cold! So, its hard to plan out exactly what you are going to wear. Its easy for me to grab a pair of heels break them in and never want to take them off. However, i do change it up depending on the outfit and the style that will best fit with what i am wearing. These are a pair of shoes i got almost two years ago and i still LOVE them. What i like about them is the mesh outlining the shoes, the black says winter but the style says bring it on Spring. This was definitely my go to pair of heels and a fave for this month! The next pair of shoes is a guilty pleasure i have which is wearing sneakers. First off they are much more comfortable and better on your feet but you can also dress them up or down. It all depends on your mood. These are a pair that i have been loving, they are so lightweight and have such a cute pattern.



Next on the list is clothing, the hardest but funnest part of fashion because the combinations are endless. I am lucky enough to work in a environment where i can experiment with fashion and wear almost anything i want to wear…well, i am a wardrobe stylist so i guess you can say it is apart of my job! It definitely makes it easy when getting dressed in the morning if i may add. I could go on and talk about a ton of different items of clothing but i thought i would limited it to one piece.  The piece that i chose was definitely a faux fur vest because this is something that i was constantly wearing!  I definitely got a lot of use out of all my fur vest, this one in particular because i was loving the dark green color. They are so much fun to dress up, you can wear them with almost everything if you really want too!

green .jpg

I noticed that i have been very minimal with my accessories lately. For this month, i noticed that all i wore was a watch and a simple bracelet. Nothing to fancy but definitely my favorite!
Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 5.40.15 PMfossil-flex-open-cuff-rose-gold-fossil-jewelry

My last favorites for the month would definitely have to be dark lips. This is always a staple during fall and winter. Although nude colors are my go too, when I want to add color I gravitate towards reds, browns, and purples. I find that these colors look best on me and they are perfect for the season. I am not a huge fan of glossy lips during the fall and winter  on me personally, i prefer to go for a matte lip. Maybelline is one of my favorite brands for inexpensive matte lipsticks and the color that i reached for the most was Divine Wine, which was a dark red wine color. So pretty! My last Make-up product is setting spray, there is not a day when i do my makeup that i don’t use a setting spray. What i have been loving is the nyx matte finish setting spray! First off, its very inexpensive and second its amazing.



Xx, Maribel

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