My Fashion Introduction!

Style is a part of everyday life in everything we do, it’s all around us! My name is Maribel and as long as I can remember fashion has been a big part of my heart and dreams. My love for fashion and styling began with my Barbie dolls. My favorite thing was to dress them up and experiment with different colors, patterns, and textures.

Fashion was not a big focus growing up in a small town farming community where all we wore were jeans and boots. So, I started buying magazines and looking on the internet and made fashion a focus because I was very passionate about it.

Dressing up outside of the norm was never okay but a free pass to get picked on because I was trying to ‘color block.’ No one ever understood this term; it was more like ‘you’re not matching’. This was a challenge growing up because no one really understood fashion, it was more of a logo t-shirt and jeans. My parents were a big influence in my fashion dreams. They always pushed me to dream as high as I could. One day I asked my mom if I could subscribe to magazines, little did she know I was going to subscribe to all the fashion magazines I could get my hands on.

I found that I could get lost in magazines and spend all my free time analyzing and thinking how I could make it my own. One day I grabbed and old binder, computer paper, scissors, and some glue and started cutting and recreating my own outfits. Before I knew it I had multiple binders filled with different styles and ideas. This gave me so much inspiration that I knew I wanted to be surrounded by fashion and working in the field when I graduated high school. Stylist was going to be my definition and recreating my styling binder was going to become a reality.


Now, fashion is not only a passion but my life. I am now a personal and lead stylist to a modeling agency. I have the honor of styling babies from four months old to adults over the age of 60 years. My styling range from a portfolio shoot to full fashion shows. I can safely say that this is always the best part of my day because I am doing what I love and once dreamed about.

When it comes to styling, I like to make bold decisions on the pieces I choose and take risks on the accessories because they are always a statement to any outfit. I would rather be overdressed than underdressed. It is always better to regret the things that you wear rather than regretting the things that you don’t wear. Taking chances is the best part about fashion and failing is what makes it a trend, you don’t fail in fashion you just make it your own. The best part about styling is that you can do it anywhere and it doesn’t need to be a big city like New York. I can achieve and recreate my own looks in a town where fashion isn’t a focus just like the little town I grew up in.

Xx, Maribel

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