Fashion Guide: New Year

It has been a L O N G while since I have posted. I wanted to start off with a little dose of fashion, a style guide I worked on earlier this month.



I am LOVING this trend. The belt bag, the new and improved fanny pack. I found some awesome inspirations of how to style the belt bag. My take on styling the belt bag coming soon!


I don think I could pick a favorite. I am a creature of habit when it comes to my nails. You will always find me in nude-y, natural, or a basically trendy nail color.


I love this look! I wish I could build up the courage to chop off my hair but it has taken me so long to grow out my hair that I might to sleep on it a little longer. To chop it off or now? Lets say I did, I have naturally curly hair so I get the best of both worlds but my favorite would have to be the sleek and straight middle part, one length bob and in close second place it would be the textured mess.


I hope this was a fun guide to some of the new things trending this new year. Coral? Ground breaking 🙂


Fashion Guide: Winter to Spring


Every Tuesday, I will be Posting a little dose of Fashion on Bazaar Models Instagram Story. This is the first dose of fashion, talking about winter staples and how to style them for spring. I styled 2 outfits, a dressy look and a casual look. Check out the Instagram Post below.


The first look, I started with two winter staples, a leather jacket and booties. Those are two of my favorite things to wear in the winter, a leather jacket is the perfect pieces to add to any outfits and complete a look. I started this look with a leather jacket that can be draped over a spring dress. I finished out the outfit with another winter staple, the bootie and to accessorize, I added a bag and sunglasses. I think this look is cute, edgy and perfect for those crazy weather days in the winter, spring transition.


The second look is so simple yet so cute and comfortable. This is definitely a look that you can wear all year long. All you have to do is substitute out colors and styles to fit any season.


In this winter, spring transition. I started with denim, instead of choose blue denim, I opted for white denim. I then chose a light sweater and added a blazer. To complete the look of the two. You simply open the blazer and half tuck the sweater into the jeans for a relaxed slouchy look. To finish the look, I added some cute sneakers to keep the outfit casual and put together.


See ya next time!

xx, Maribel

Make a Statement!


Wow, it feels like ages since i’ve done a post. Life sure gets in the way! There is so much I want to talk about but I will save that for another day, another post. It will be an exciting one. A little spoiler, I got engaged over the summer! The summer? I know, its April and I am just writing about it now. It has been a fun and exciting journey planning a wedding but it feels like a full time job, aside from working a full time job you can imagine its been a busy couple of months. Well, enough of that for this post. Lets get on with the outfit.


I love everything about this outfits and one of the top reasons is that it was SO COMFORTABLE. I wore this outfit on a casual Friday on a day I knew I was going to be on my feet and very busy all day. It finally spring but in New Mexico that doesn’t mean anything. The weather has been so crazy, one day nice and hot, the next day nice and windy. You just never know in the south what you are gonna get.


I first began styling this outfit around the shoes, I feel like thats been my go-to lately. I chose this comfy chunky oxfords. They are silver with hints of gold which I love!!! Anything that is mixed metals I live for. I then decided to go for these leopard print pants that are not only cute but extremely flattering and comfortable. I went with a simple black bodysuit to balance the pants and shoes.

To accessorize the outfit, I wanted to keep it very simple but cute. I kept my everyday pieces on like my “M” necklace, my James Avery charm bracelet, and my apple watch. The flare up the look, I added silver tassel earrings to complement the shoes.

I loved this look so much and I got so many compliments on it which is always a plus.


This day was so windy and a bit chilly so I decided to add a Denim jacket and to spice up the jacket, I added a cute lip brooch. It all came together so perfect and I loved it so I had to share. Until next time!

Xx, Maribel

Outfit Details 

Top: H&M

Bottoms: Forever 21

Jacket: Hollister

Shoes: Zara


  • earrings: On and Off Showroom
  • necklace: Fossil
  • bracelet: James Avery
  • watch: Apple Watch



Feeling It!

Times have been quite busy, much so, that I forgot to share a fun outfit I styled with a pair of jeans I am obsessing with!


After a long hunt, I finally found these awesome bottoms from American Eagle. I love the two toned denim look with the frayed ends, so trendy!


Since this was the first time wearing these jeans, I wanted to go out with a bang! I styled this look, with of course the star of the show (the jeans). I paired them with a simple graphic t-shirt to keep the look on the casual side. Next, I threw on this sweet limpet shell colored leather jacket and added a fun grey faux fur vest over top to add texture to the outfit. Lastly, I kept the shoes simple with my favorite black booties and left the jewelry simple with some studs and a dainty gold choker.


Do you love?


I mean, how cool are these jeans! I can clearly say that I am in love with them and with this outfit too! (;



Outfit Details

Jeans: American Eagle

Graphic T-Shirt: H&M

Leather Jacket: Gianni Bini

Vest: Cära

Choker: Dillards

Booties: Steve Madden




Coats & Cold Weather

The New Mexico weather is so up and down, those often call it bipolar.  The middle of January, one day its 30 degrees out and the next it’s nearly 80 degrees. This only means that planning an outfit becomes a little more difficult than it should be. It’s more of a wake up, run outside and get dressed accordingly.


In this outfit, I didn’t quite have a direction in which I was going but I knew I wanted to be warm…sorta! I threw on these comfy stretchy camo skinny jeans and paired this awesome mustard yellow sweater that had a slightly exposed back. The “sorta” part of the warm outfit I was going for. One thing I did know was that I wanted to throw on a coat. I chose this tan one in particular, solely to balance the color palette and because it was extremely warm and had a hood! Lastly, I put some nude pointed toe heals on and a colorful pair of earrings on a called it day.


A comfy, warm, yet simple outfit on a unexpected cold and windy day in NM!



Again with the Leather!

I was on the hunt for a leather vest for some time now and F I N N A L L Y, I found the perfect one! The best part is that I snatched this vest on sale, my favorite kinda purchase! It is so comfy and fits just right, so happy I found it. I seriously could not wait to wear it and start styling some outfits with it. On yet another cold and windy day, I paired this awesome vest with a sweater and some jeans, I was not in the mood for heels because I was gonna do a lot of walking so I wore booties. To finish the outfit I braided my hair and threw it in a pony tail. I loved the way this outfit turned out, trendy, comfy and relaxed!




Leather & Velvet

I don’t know if I will ever get over Leather, I love it so much and its so easy to pair with any outfit. For this look, I started with these velvet leggings which I love. They are so comfy! To dress them up, I paid this awesome black leather peplum and a black leather jacket with the same shape since its cold out. To finish off the look, I decide to wear this black pointed toe booties and a dark lip. Overall,  I really like this look!




Fur & Leather

It seems like the cold is just moving in, that means it’s finally fur and coat weather! In this look I styled black jeans with a black turtle neck long sleeve and some flat black riding boots. I guess you can say is this an overall black outfit with a touch of burgundy! The fun part of this outfit was adding a black leather jacket and throwing on a fur vest over top. This gave the idea that the sleeve was part of the vest or the shirt. I loved the way the outfit turned out. Since it was a windy day, I put my hair in a low mess pony tail and threw on a hat. Finally to tie the full outfit together, I choose to keep my make-up simple and just add a burgundy lips. Such a comfy and warm outfit to wear on day working with a bunch of kiddos!






Style Saturday


Today on Style Saturday, I styled Peyton a Bazaar Model!

She is such a beautiful soul, I loved working with her and she was so professional and open to any style. My favorite kinda girl! We styled a few different looks but this one was by far my absolute favorite look. We started off with this cardigan and white button down top and made it the focus of the look. I then paired a thin black neck tie and a oversized headband bow with some loose fitting crop jeans. To finish off the look I added some thin black socks and crunched them to give an edgy look and added some  white sneakers that tied the whole outfits together. This look was so fun to put together and even better to see Peyton rock it.





N E W    Y E A R

I seriously can not believe that it’s a new year. Time flew by! 2016 was such an eventful year, even though there was a few bumps along the way, over all it was great! Now lets talk fashion…One of the most exciting things that happened this year was starting my fashion blog. Although it has been hard to stay consistent while juggling school and work, it has been a way to express myself! I contemplated starting one for about three years if not more and now I do not know why I waited so long. A goal for the new year is to become more consistent and post more frequently. I am talking weekly! I am so excited for this new year.

This past year, I fell in love with so many new and old trends. A big trend that I rock during spring all the way into fall was cold shoulder or shoulder less tops. I remember wearing this trend as a little girl in elementary school. I could literally write a book talking about all my favorites trends and fashion pieces. However, let move on and start off the new year with a bang….or a few days late!

My goal is to feature my own styles along with outfits i’ve styled on clients and of course polypore. I am excited for a new start!